Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer - Seminar 1

Introduction to the E-Learning-Platform

Martin Butz / Soon Systems Gmbh, Ulm

Vienna, Wednesday 15 March 2017

Presentation = Short Manual

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Soon Systems Gmbh

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providing diverse e-learning services for companies and organisations e.g.:

  • University of Ulm
  • Malteser Deutschland (medical and care services)
  • Fujitsu TDS (IT outsourcing) and
  • Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer (ESO)

Technical Contact

Martin Butz (butz@soon-systems.de)

Matthias Dannenberg (dannenberg@soon-systems.de)


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In: Module 1 - Overview Course

Group Dr. Cardosa: Anderson, Bochenek-Cibor, Bosovic-Spasojevic, Campos, Cavallero
Group Dr. Huober: Durutovic, Gomez Cuadra, Irfan, Joly, Kassem
Group Dr. Janni: Khaskheli, Kolben, Machacek, Montagna, Nagvekar
Group Dr. Paccatori Pellegrino, Pogoda, Rocco, Rodrigues Camara Melo Cabral, Santos Ferreira
Group Dr. Pagani: Seferi, Talibova, Van den Rul, Vettus, Zeeshan

Link to Tutor-Forum

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  • Meet the Expert-Forum (participants and lecturer)

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Meet the Expert

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(Evaluation of CCB)

Link to Evaluation

Modules - Opening Dates

Module 1: 03.04.2017
Module 2: 03.07.2017
Module 3: 04.09.2017
Module 4: 06.11.2017
Module 5: 15.01.2018


Online about 2 weeks after the start of each module

Please evaluate the lectures soon after viewing. Thank You!

Exam (per Module)

Online about 2 weeks before the opening date of the follow-up module

Exam in Module Overview Course

Multiple Choice Questions:

The number of questions on each exam is proportionate to the number of workload hours in that module:

Exam Questions
Module 1: 50
Module 2: 28
Module 3: 26
Module 4: 50
Module 5: 50


Course Page

Completion Marks

Video Lecture


  1. Login: How to login and what, if it doesn't work?
  2. How to change your password.
  3. Navigation: How to visit modules, courses, and how to get back.
  4. How to change your email address and to provde a photo
  5. Forum types, how to (un)subscribe, and how to use forums.
  6. Evaluation: Please evaluate all lectures!
  7. Exam: Passed exam and evaluation needed to proceed.
  8. Content: Course structure, video lecture, additional readings ...
  9. Help & Support: How to contact us and how to help us.

Help & Support

Contact ESO

Alexandra Zampetti (azampetti@eso.net)

Contact Soon-Systems

Martin Butz (butz@soon-systems.de)

Matthias Dannenberg (dannenberg@soon-systems.de)

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